Materials requirements


Dear Authors,

As decided by the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, a new procedure has been established to prepare a List of Lead Peer-Reviewed Journals and Editions which should contain main scientific findings of theses for LLD. and PhD degrees. In this regard, below are the requirements to these materials submitted to the Journal for publishing:
1. Materials are sent in electronic form (Word 7.0 or later) to the Editorial House E-mail: (text– 2 line spacing, body-size – 14, less than 30 lines per page; through footnotes, at the bottom of the page, written in Arabic numerals). Scope of material should not exceed 12 pages. Materials published earlier or proposed to several journals are not accepted for peer-review.
2. The Author will be notified either his/her article is published or not indicating the reasons for refusal.
3. An agreement granting the right to use a work is concluded in oral form and free of charge, i.e. authors, including PhD candidates are not charged for publishing of articles, nor they are given a royalty. By presenting an article for publishing, the author gives his/her consent to its reduction and editing, publishing in those legal information systems, data bases, electronic resources (including on the Internet), which the Editorial House has concluded relevant agreements with.
4. The authors should send in a separate file the following data both in Russian and English to the Editorial House (see page 76 for example):
а) full name, job title, degree, rank;
b) article name;
c) abstract (4–5 lines);
d) keywords taken from the text of an article (4–6 words or word phrases);
e) work phone or E-mail (as required by the Higher Attestation Commission, this information may be transmitted by the Editorial House to persons concerned).
Moreover, the author presents an itemized bibliographic list only in Russian (this list is made in alphabetic order based on scientific resources indicated in footnotes throughout the text).
The data submitted to the Editorial House in accordance with this clause, is free to access on the Internet.
5. Materials which do not comply with the above requirements are not accepted for peer-review.