Rules Peer-Review of Works Submitted to Zakonnost Journal


1. These Rules shall establish a procedure of peer-review materials complying with requirements of and accepted by the Editorial House. Materials that do not comply with requirements of the Editorial House and also materials of informative, referral and advertising nature are not accepted.
2. The peer-review of accepted materials is enabled by: Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor-in-Chief – by order of Editor-in-Chief, members of Editorial staff – by order of Editor-in-Chief, lead scientists and specialists in a relevant scientific sphere – upon initiative of employees of the Editorial House.
3. “External Peer-Review” submitted by the author of material may be accepted for examination in case it is prepared by a lead scientist or specialist in a relevant scientific sphere, obtaining LLD. or PhD.
4. A review must contain: degree, rank, job title of a reviewer, signature of a reviewer on the original review. It is recommended to mention separately in the conclusion: “Material is recommended for publishing” or “Material is not recommended for publishing”. When presenting an “external review” contact information must be provided in a separate file for the reviewer (Phone, E-mail).
5. Editor-in-Chief shall decide whether to publish materials or not. In case of dispute, it shall be submitted for consideration by Editorial staff. When deciding to publish materials, Editor-in-Chief shall take into account the opinion of a reviewer contained in the review.
6. Copies of reviews or motivated refusals are given to authors of materials and upon requests of expert councils of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
7. Original reviews must be preserved and stored. Managing editor is responsible for preservation and storage of original reviews.